We have proposed ourselves, as main objective, to make this journal a framework for debate and academic research undertaken by personalities of legal science and reputed legal practitioners. We will also try to connect this publication to the big European and worldwide circuit of ideas and contemporary legal culture.

The journal aims to include within its structure parts regarding studies of Public and private law, Comparative law, European Law, Jurisprudence, Critical legal, New legal acts, from the history of great universities, Symposia and Congresses.

Due to the collaboration of distinguished personalities from the field of research and legal practice in the country and abroad we also want to ensure that more demanding and rigorous studies will be published.

"Acta Universitatis George Bacovia. Juridica” also proposes itself to initiate and enhance the scientific exchanges with other specialized publications in the country and abroad, and to be included in specialized catalogs, centralized by domains.

Finally, our desire is to include our journal, “Acta Universitatis George Bacovia. Juridica”, in the international databases.